Garbled Text Recovery Tool Online

Garbled strings? Simplified Chinese garbled? Use the garbled recovery tool! Click the "Restoring Garbled Code" button and compare the encoding below to find out what the original text is.

Fill in garbled text

Not all garbled characters can be recovered.
If there are missing strings in the garbled characters, they cannot be recovered.

e.g. ä½ å¥½

e.g. 馃槝馃槝

e.g. ‹å–®è™Ÿç¢¼ï¼ˆè¨‚購人手機號碼)

e.g. 锘挎槬鐪犱笉瑙夋檽锛屽澶勯椈鍟奸笩

e.g. 鑼跺崱闀囧崄瀛楄矾鍙e悜鍖?00绫?楂樺師缇庝附涔℃潙澶ч棬鏃佽竟

e.g. 浣犲ソ

e.g. 涓浗锛屽彜鏃堕€氬父娉涙寚涓師鍦板尯锛屼笌鈥滀腑鍗庘€濃€滀腑澶忊€濃€滀腑鍦熲€濃€滀腑宸炩€濆惈涔夌浉鍚屻€傚彜浠e崕澶忔棌銆佹眽鏃忓缓鍥戒簬榛勬渤娴佸煙涓€甯︼紝浠ヤ负灞呭ぉ涓嬩箣涓紝鏁呯О涓浗銆

Due to different compilation languages, please compare the following encodings yourself to find the original text and restore the garbled strings!