Constellation date

Used to query which constellation each date belongs to, as well as English, character, constellation, and patron saint

Zodiac Sign Symbol Zodiac Sign Name Sign Date Character Elements Patron Saints
Aquarius 01/21 ~ 02/19 Independence, creativity, wisdom
Rebel, lone ranger
Air Signs

God of Heavens

Pisces 02/20 ~ 03/20 Easy to get along with, understanding
Careless, lack of principle
Water Signs God of Water
Aries 03/21 ~ 04/20 Good loyalty, straightforward, and efficient
Lack of patience, impulsiveness
Fire Signs God of War
Taurus 04/21 ~ 05/21 Reliable, true nature
Stubborn, old-fashioned
Earth Signs Goddess of Love and Beauty
Gemini 05/22 ~ 06/21 Smart, adaptable
Fickle, exaggerated
Air Signs God of Messages
Cancer 06/22 ~ 07/23 Sincere, inclusive, easy to please
Irrational, easy to get hurt
Water Signs Goddess of Moon and Hunting
Leo 07/24 ~ 08/23 Enthusiastic, leadership
Self, self-respect, do not like to make decisions
Fire Signs God of Sun, Music and Healing
Virgo 08/24 ~ 09/23 Clear mind, perfectionism
Conservative, nitpicking
Earth Signs Goddess of Agriculture
Libra 09/24 ~ 10/23 Fair and objective, approachable
Frivolous and indecisive
Air Signs Goddess of Justice
Scorpio 10/24 ~ 11/22 Deep-minded and calm
Suspicious, possessive, revenge
Water Signs God of Death and Riches
Sagittarius 11/23 ~ 12/22 Optimistic, open-minded
Careless, impermanent
Fire Signs God of Sky and Storms
Capricorn 12/23 ~ 01/22 Pragmatic and rigorous
Pessimistic, difficult to communicate
Earth Signs God of Agriculture